Because I am a raving altoholic, this will take a long time to write up. But I will try to flesh each character out in order of appearance, so… that should be… useful? One hopes.


Daelythir Alvantaris
Male – Blood Elf – Death Knight
My primary raiding character at present, Daelythir is so overpowered he could probably kill you with his blood worms.

Having been undead for some time, Daelythir has genuinely come to terms with most of the limitations of his new form, but suffers the occasional bout of self-pity if anyone rudely flaunts their living-ness. Fond of crass humour and mock lechery, he is occasionally horrified when someone in Silvermoon goes ahead and flirts back. His time in the Ebon Blade has given him a certain confidence in himself he lacked in life, as the lone squib in a magically gifted family, but he is still painfully codependent on his elder brother, Baelmyrr, and it can get a little embarrassing at times.

Gethka (‘Reaver’)
Female – Orc – Death Knight
Gethka first appeared in Black and Blue and has been a background presence in Daelythir’s story since, even though Black and Blue was largely AU from the main RP plotline.

Killed by a head wound, Gethka has a habit of forgetting people if she doesn’t see them for a day or two. She finds names to be tiresome and merrily cycles through them herself, thoroughly confusing several allies after a stint wearing her sister’s name, Kazra, only for Kazra herself to show up later on. She loves chewing things: preferably herbs, but she lacks the taste buds required to be especially picky. Moments of intelligence are generally eclipsed by acts of brazen stupidity, which she generally congratulates herself for. In short, an utter meathead – but quite amusing.


Miriah Felicity El’Ubris
Female – Forsaken – Shadowpriest
My first roleplaying character, Miriah retains a dearth of newbie mistakes in her backstory, but remains team leader on Scarshield Legion.

A particularly determined Forsaken supremacist, Miriah’s dedication to Sylvanas took a heavy hit with the Wrathgate, yet she remains loyal to her people on the whole. Wickedly intelligent, she invests a great deal of effort in harvesting information and spinning elaborate plots, and generally works hard at all times to stay in control of every situation that approaches her, a trait only just balanced by her natural tenacity. She certainly isn’t known for her sense of humour, but Miriah is generally insightful and compassionate – so long as you’re on her good side.

Talista Slateforge
Female – Dwarf – Priest
My raiding main for most of Wrath until I realised I didn’t particularly enjoy healing. Somehow I forgot this fact again with Cataclysm, so I raided as her again through tier eleven.

Talista is no-nonsense until you get her near a steam tank. Legend has it she killed twelve gnomes with one of those things.

Calysia Albinor
Female – Human – Medic
The narrator of That Flight of Sparrows, Calysia exists in-game only as a sad little alt on a neglected server.

Calysia hates everything about you, and everything about everyone else. Embittered after years spent patching up idiots and accidentally letting the people she actually liked go ahead and die, if there is nothing to be angry about she will quickly improvise. What really riles her is the fact that she still has a bothersome habit of bonding with people, a trait she attempts to cover up with further insults. It doesn’t always work.


Baelmyrr Alvantaris
Male – Blood Elf – Arcanist
Source of all wealth on Scarshield Legion due to his jewelcrafting skill. Baelmyrr is probably the one charging six hundred gold for your pure intellect gems.

Once friendly and supportive, Baelmyrr held the post of group sweetie for some time, before the almighty weight of insecurity he had been holding back smushed him into goo. In short, he’s almost too attached to his loved ones, and the threat of losing any of them is enough to send him into a wild, flailing panic. Outside of these episodes, Baelmyrr is remarkably knowledgeable about magical theory, and exceptionally talented at the conversion of power from one state to the other. Even more surprisingly, his poetry is not actually as bad as he makes out.

Master Apothecary Lydon
Male – Forsaken – Necromancer
Initially introduced as a short-term player character for a roleplay plot, Lydon is in fact an NPC (this one) whom I have adopted for my own nefarious purposes.

Lydon’s backstory can be found in the on-going piece, Obituary, which is also the most morbid and bleak story in my roster. That may say something about Lydon himself, and something accurate: prone to deep depression, Lydon’s good moods generally involve parodying his bad moods, so he’s never really the life of the party. Nevertheless, he is ever working toward becoming a Good Person, and may someday succeed, if he can shake his more murderous tendencies.

Female – Dwarf – Mage
Rinetha happened because dwarf mages happened and therefore I had to have one. Obviously.

A baker in Menethil, Rinetha was rudely ousted by the unwanted guest the Stonewrought Dam failed to keep away: an awful lot of water. She is thus new to this maging thing, and a little reluctant to actually open up to anybody in the wake of such destruction – though that won’t keep her from talking your ear off. Although she is generally quite sensible, the ability to spout sparkling lights from her hands can be very distracting at times. Instant fireworks, what a thing.


Eyria Shardspire
Female – Blood Elf – Magistrix
Eyria would be at level cap by now if it wasn’t for everyone humiliating her in dungeons. Bloody warlocks.

The eldest of my blood elves, Eyria has reached the stage where most things exasperate her. She tends to simply work through them anyway, and has a sort of casual, fine, I might as well, leaning toward altruism. Nevertheless, you have to wonder why a perfectly powerful mage turns to fel energies, and it could be said that Eyria is, at times, a little more than simply tetchy.

Rikkit Rocketgob
Female – Goblin – Zeppelin pilot
Small and likely to kill you in battlegrounds. Unless you are that level 24 hunter, in which case – gtfo. From Valley of the Horde.

Rikkit is a magpie in a goblin suit in an awful lot of bangles, and that’s really all you need to know.

Pyrite Ethersford
Female – Human – Warlock


Sevielle Mystraen
Female – Night Elf – Ex-Sentinel

Revii Rocketgob
Female – Goblin – Pickpocket


Aelystriel Mystraen
Female – Night Elf – Soldier

Female – Worgen – Warrior

Nokawe Steelhoof
Female – Tauren – Berserker
From Valley of the Horde; minor alt hanging out with Daelythir on Argent Dawn.

Female – Dwarf – Mercenary


Kinuah Cloudstalker
Female – Tauren – Druid of the Claw

Female – Night Elf – Druid of the Talon


Praelia El’Ubris
Female – Undead – Bouncy

Kazra Mangleshot
Female – Orc – Warsong Sharpshooter

Female – Troll – Huntress


Allévansis Dawnbreaker
Female – Blood Elf – Retribution Paladin

I rolled Allé to play with the brilliant women of the Saurfang Sorority on a normal server (Saurfang EU). Her personality has grown primarily from Alvantaris stories rather than in-game roleplay.

Something of a conduit for the Light, Allévansis has a questionable grip on reality after extensive battle in Icecrown made its mark on her psyche. A berserker in combat, she doesn’t tend to vet anything she says, either, which occasionally makes her look like an idiot, and always makes her exceptionally blunt. She spent much of her youth swanning around Silvermoon with Baelmyrr, Daelythir, Eyria and her brother, Jethrion, and is still fond of a good party, so long as she’s allowed to make at least one speech, and drink at least one barrel.

Female – Draenei – Vindicator

Female – Dwarf – Crusader


Female – Orc – Shaman

Female – Goblin – Mercenary


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